Ask a Game Dev

Found this tumblr today (thanks to Hoonding reblogging and it ending up on my dash) and thought it might be interessting/useful for some of my followers;

It’s great advice on many aspects of game developement, especially game design! So if you’re thinking about becomming a game dev yourself eventually one day I recommend to tune in :)

I’m going to post these comic strip drafts I did last year one after another.
This is just a short sequence that happens in one of the stories Henzy and me have thought up.

Parlov (guy with floppy doggy ears, my character), one of the two leaders of the resistance gets taken prisoner and Grimshaw (the other guy and Henzy’s character), part of the purists group that temporarily took over the empire, tries to torture some information out of him.

Well, Parlov doesn’t take no shit from no one.

Honestly I still really like how Parlov’s face came out in the last panel :D

… he’s probably going to regret being so feisty :(

Looking through old stuff, I think I never actually posted this anywhere.

Space ship concept. I know there were mor drafts but seems like I lost them, aw.

I think this one was from 2012.

Also whoops, how did I not post this here yet?

New character, name’s Nigel.

The tattoo’s on the neck are a hot mess and obviously just a rough draft, I need to work them out properly.

Part of the whole big headworld Henzy and me have created together.

He belongs to the same string of story as Eddy does.

Just a doodle from yesterday night featuring Riku.

Her design is so clean and easy, it’s superfun to just draw and stylize in different ways.

From a few days ago.

Probably gonna make this a character.

I still haven’t figured out their anatomy.

A doodle from last week when I wasn’t feeling so well. I’m feeling great this week though :)

A bunch of life drawing from last Friday.

5-10 minutes were spent on each.

I think the last ones turned out better overall, but I used smaller formated sheets of paper with oil pastels, so the other ones seem more detailed.

Bottom left with 5 minutes if my personal favourite. The graphite one is really kind of shitty haha. I haven’t done life drawings in a while so I was pretty uh, ‘rusty’ with the first few ones.

I’m being naughty and taking a quick break from commission work.

Now back to said commission work…


A rather unpolished vent art sketch thingi.

Today was a mixed bag kind of day. Some was good, some was bad. Trashing out the bad feels stuff now.

WIP character concepts
I just wanted to post this here to show that I’m actually still doing the art thing when I find time to.

I just am always pretty much worn out when I come home and then need to take care of my dog, make dinner, socialize with roommates and watch all the new GassyMexican and SeaNanners videos on youtube. Yepp.


I want to go and play Yakuza really bad, but I’d veen watching this bird trying to hatch from it’s egg for the past 8 hours

One does not simply stop watching Pip hatch.

All this training of steming the eggshells, he’s gonna be a super sayan by the time he breaks out of it.

Anyway, I tried to make a funny.

(by the way, I googled ostrich chicks and found they’re incredible evil looking sdkhjfskdf. Cute and fluffy, but also evil)

Anyone remembers this?

(via bronyshawn)

Two doodles; top one: Mimi, gift for Jennadelle

Bottom: from a response to Murcifer over twitter, basically making fun of (white) people who claim being oppressed because someone poked fun at them on the internet.

Unrelated to that, I wanted to draw this weekend, but had to reset my computer to  it’s embryotic (read: out of factory) state since it took forever to shut down. And I’m not some IT guy and couldn’t be arsed to look up what the problem could possibly be.

Windows told me there would be no touching my files and personal things, but little did I know that it was gonna get rid of all the programs, including Photoshop.

I’ll have to get the license key from work tomorrow, so no art this weekend.

I’m also sorry if anyone feels bothered by the signal boosts I do, my account is predominatnly for my own art, but I will share offered commissions and news I deem very very important and something people shoud know about.

If you want to weed this stuff out, get tumblr saviour and blacklist the tags ‘important’ and ‘signal boost’

When you wanna resize the image and then accidentially save the psd in the smaller size dkfjhdkf

Anyway, quick n crappe evening doodle

The Day I became a Shut-In
Short-lived self-reflecting comic project I started around 2 years ago when I dug myself a nasty grave hole by being anything but a responsible grown up.

The idea was to draw one of these panels each day to get into some sort of drawing mojo. The style is quick and fun and nothing serious.

Part 1